Do you have men’s or women’s timepieces ?

We have timepieces for everyone, we do not create our adornments with one’s gender identity in mind. Instead, we sort our catalog by the energy you choose to embody. Do you want to take a more masculine or feminine approach?

What is Divine Masculine/Feminine?

The Divine Masculine/Feminine is an embodiment of life force energy, similar to that of “yin” and “yang,” that we all have within ourselves. Some of us are more natural masculine or feminine that our peers of the same/similar gender identity. We invite you to do your own research of these concepts to use as tools in your enlightenment journey.

What are your timepieces made of?

Each accessory is made from natural African Ebony and Zebra wood (Zebrano) and are labeled in their descriptions respectively. 

What is mechanical movement?

Unlike quartz movements, a mechanical movement uses energy from the wound mainspring to power a watch, rather than a battery. This spring transfers energy through a number of springs and gears, powering the function of the watch hands and the complications. Our timepieces are well-build and will last a lifetime with proper care, as opposed to cheap quartz movement watches.


Are your sizes adjustable?

Yes, we will send you two extra links for you in the case that you make need to extend your band. We will also include a handy, simple-to-use tool to help with removal of links in the case you want to make your band tighter.

Do you ship internationally?